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Our students are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We just completed the fall 2020 EMT course and so far all of us that have tested for the written and practical have passed! Chanda makes sure to over prepare you for certification. You can’t coast in this class, it takes work, but Chanda is always reasonable to students who need extra help or extra credit. The camaraderie with the other classmates is great and if you take your course with Chanda and put in the necessary work, I have no doubt you’ll get your certification.–Brendan D. Old Greenwich
Amazing instructor! The energy, excitement and enthusiasm Chanda brings to class challenges you to be the best you can be. This is college level and a ton of information to absorb(no joke). Just match Chanda with maximum effort(212) and she will not steer you wrong and you too shall pass the written and practical exams on your first attempt.–JP L. Norwalk
Chanda is an amazing instructor! Her motto is that she teaches a “212” class (212 Fahrenheit being the boiling point for water). This means that she challenges you to work hard, because, as she emphasizes continuously throughout her class, being competent as an EMT is paramount when faced with literal life and death situations. If you sign up to take her class, expect to have to work HARD. If you can commit to doing that, you will find that her class is immensely rewarding.–Alex D Redding
Highly recommend!
I have taken the EMT course years back and Chanda is the best instructor I have encountered. She holds her students to a high level of standard in knowledge and clinical application.  She goes one step further to instill a professional demeanor of her students one that mirrors the expectations in the field.  I recommend this class to anyone that is truly looking to be the best EMT he/she can be and are willing to put in the time and study that is required. — Laura B. Stamford

Look no further! Definitely take your EMT class at the EMS Institute. Chanda goes above and beyond for all her students. She is always available and happy to help. She answers questions basically 24/7 through email and has extra help training times in the center in addition to class times. She creates a friendly atmosphere and is extremely knowledgeable. Emma C. — Stamford

If you are at all interested in taking an EMT course, I highly recommend taking this one. Chanda is the greatest teacher you will find. She prepares you above and beyond for a career in this line of work. You won’t regret taking her course! — Grace Bridgeport
Chanda is a great teacher! She is tough on you but she is equally as giving. She is always willing to help you and answer questions. I can tell that she genuinely wants all of her students to succeed. She has high standards which I feel is a good thing. She makes sure not only that you pass the test but that u do good in the field. I’m so glad that I picked The EMS Institute of Fairfield County.-
Olivia S. Norwalk

I truly appreciated taking this course because you can make it what you want. Meaning, there is direct correlation to the effort you put in and the success you have. AKA – the class is no joke! That said, if you put in the effort, Chanda will be by your side to make sure you understand.  On the other side of the same coin, I am confident I have been trained to a higher level than participants in other programs.  A testament to that, I passed both the written & practical in one shot. If you want to be one of the best EMTs out there, this is the class for you! – Jennifer W. Stamford, CT

I took my EMT class with the EMS Institute and although the class was very challenging I look at it as one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. — Dan Kerrisk, Darien, CT

Chanda, You should be proud of the army of EMTs you have trained over the years — a really gift to our community and I personally am grateful to you for that 212 training 🙂 Warm regards,
Jennifer Murphy

I’m in my second year of PA school and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the skills I learned at the EMS Institute. — John Reihnhart, New York, NY

Wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to this class before I signed up, but it turned out to be the best thing I did this year. Couldn’t be more proud to have completed the intensive process but also to have met an extraordinary group of people. If anyone is borderline I would say sign up and commit yourself–you won’t be sorry. The entire teaching group–led by the ever fabulous Chanda–is incredible and have prepared me to save lives: what’s better than that? — Emily Lewson

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