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EMS Institute of Fairfield County


Our 12-week, 150-hour class will prepare you to respond to medical emergencies. As an EMT you’ll be able to handle 911 calls, assess ill and injured individuals, administer life saving interventions and transport patients to hospital ERs.


Must be able to meet the challenges and rigour of a college level course. 


Does not include materials or equipment

Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll need to pay additional fees to the State of Connecticut and your National Registry certification.

EMT Training Overview

Our course curriculum is defined by the US Department of Transportation and approved by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services. All courses offered by the EMS Institute meet, and often exceed, all objectives of the curriculum. This is a college level course and covers a large amount of reading material. 


Approx. 150 hours

6 Weeks

Several multimedia lectures

Several hours of practical skill lab sessions

1 shift of ER observation/patient care facility/rotation at a Level 2 Trauma Center

+ study hours


You’ll need a minimum 70% average on all modular tests to be able to sit for the state certification process.

Modular Exams and Quizes

  • multiple choice
  • fill in
  • short answer
  • matching

Passing score 70%

Final Exam

  • multiple choice

Passing score 70%

Up to 5 practical evaluation stations


You’ll need a minimum 70% average on all modular tests to be able to sit for the state certification process.

Assessment and Management

Cardiac arrest and CPR/defibrillation (AHA)

Airway problems including airway obstruction and difficulty breathing

Bleeding, shock, and other problems of circulation

Communicable diseases

Medical complaints such as, heart attack, allergic reactions, diabetes, & stroke

Behavioral emergencies including alcohol and drug abuse

Emergency childbirth

Pediatric emergencies

Environmental emergencies including water emergencies

Traumatic injuries including burns


Equipment for airway maintenance and resuscitation


Oxygen equipment


Bandages and dressing


Roles and Responsibilities

Protection of self, other emergency responders, patients, and bystanders

Identification of and correction of unsafe emergency scenes

Proper lifting and moving techniques

Obtaining and maintaining a professional appearance/attitude

Basic rescue techniques

Emergency vehicle operations

Equipment maintenance
Reporting and record keeping

Knowledge of the medical legal aspects of emergency medical care: living wills. confidentiality, abuse reporting, etc.

Organ Donation information

We’re here to help you stay abreast of best practices in EMS. Offering classes since 2005, our graduates have a spirit of community that make them stand out in their field. 

Chanda Brodnax-Nino is the person who breathes life into the EMS Institute of Fairfield County. With over 30 years of hospital and teaching experience in ER, Cardiac and Respiratory medicine, she’s well equiped to teach and lead the health care providers of Fairfield County.


Look no further! Definitely take your EMT class at the EMS Institute. Chanda goes above and beyond for all her students. She is always available and happy to help. She answers questions basically 24/7 through email and has extra help training times in the center in addition to class times. She creates a friendly atmosphere and is extremely knowledgeable.

Emma C.


“I truly appreciated taking this course because you can make it what you want. Meaning, there is direct correlation to the effort you put in and the success you have. AKA – the class is no joke! That said, if you put in the effort, Chanda will be by your side to make sure you understand.  On the other side of the same coin, I am confident I have been trained to a higher level than participants in other programs.  A testament to that, I passed both the written & practical in one shot. If you want to be one of the best EMTs out there, this is the class for you!

Dan K.


I’m in my second year of PA school and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the skills I learned at the EMS Institute. 

John R.


“Highly recommend!
I have taken the EMT course years back and Chanda is the best instructor I have encountered. She holds her students to a high level of standard in knowledge and clinical application.  She goes one step further to instill a professional demeanor of her students one that mirrors the expectations in the field.  I recommend this class to anyone that is truly looking to be the best EMT he/she can be and are willing to put in the time and study that is required. “
Laura B.


If you are at all interested in taking an EMT course, I highly recommend taking this one. Chanda is the greatest teacher you will find. She prepares you above and beyond for a career in this line of work. You won’t regret taking her course! 



Chanda is a great teacher! She is tough on you but she is equally as giving. She is always willing to help you and answer questions. I can tell that she genuinely wants all of her students to succeed. She has high standards which I feel is a good thing. She makes sure not only that you pass the test but that u do good in the field. I’m so glad that I picked The EMS Institute of Fairfield County.-

Olivia S.


EMT TRAINING and certification


An 6-week intensive college-level course for EMT Certification.  Course topics include the new certification requirements in Mental Health First Aid. 


Prepare for your certification with 150 hours of intense training in a 6 week session.


Keep your credentials current.